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January 5, 2014
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January 5, 2014
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If the knee has to be temporarily immobilized following injury or surgery, the GenuLoc knee orthosis guarantees the stability needed for this. A padded aluminum bar immobilizes the leg at a preset knee flexion angle. Lateral Velcro straps allow the orthosis to be adapted to any leg circumference.
secure immobilization
breathable and comfortable
easy to put on and take off

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Formed for functionality
The GenuLoc orthosis allows the recently injured or post-op knee to be immobilized with the necessary stability. Plastic bars stretch the breathable and washable supporting material and adapt themselves to the angle of the lateral aluminum bars. The aluminum bars are anatomically contoured behind the knee and hold the knee at a 20-degree flexion angle. This angle can be altered at any time as treatment requires.
The power of rest

Velcro straps make the GenuLoc orthosis easier to put on and take off. While the dorsal aluminum bars remain rigid, the lateral Velcro straps can be used to adjust the leg circumference. Cushioned pads behind the knees prevent the orthosis slipping and also allow for lying positions over longer periods of time. The knee is securely immobilized so that the healing process can take place without interruption.


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